The Tight Trade Compliance Labor Market

Overall, the current job market for trade compliance professionals looking to make a career move is ripe for the picking. This is due to a number of reasons; increased government oversight, trade war disputes, and the resulting awareness by companies of the importance of the position. This has led to an overall increase in salaries and open opportunities. The huge demand for trade compliance professionals is making it harder to hire, posing a challenge to both Human Resource and Trade Compliance departments.  Companies are being more specific with their import/export compliance hiring needs, making it difficult and more time consuming to fill these essential positions. In this type of environment, where can you start to look for potential solutions? In this article, we’ll cover two great options for you to consider:


  • Outsource your Trade Compliance recruiting
  • Outsource your Trade Compliance support requirements


Outsourcing Recruiting

Why would you want to outsource Trade Compliance recruiting initiatives?  “Why not?” is what you should be asking.  Outsourcing some of your trade compliance recruiting may not be as controversial as you think. There are some surprising benefits in doing so. With trade compliance being such a specific and niche skill set, so is identifying and hiring those people.

Who better to handle your trade compliance recruiting needs to than experts with actual trade compliance industry experience?

Trade Compliance Recruiting Solutions offers just that – The owners are both Licensed Customs Brokers with prior experience managing corporate import/export and customs brokerage trade compliance programs. Their entire team consists of experienced import/export compliance professionals so they understand what type of candidate you are looking for.

Outsourcing Support

On the other side of the spectrum is outsourcing some or all of your trade compliance support requirements. Key performance indicators today measure how much revenue is being generated per employee as one of the most important valuations of a company. This can make it difficult to get budget for additional staff. Factor in salary, overhead, benefits, ongoing management and training of new employees, and these costs can add up to a significant amount. Outsourcing your support requirements allow your company to budget more effectively with the use of a fixed fee support model. Vigilant Global Trade Services specializes in supporting global trade compliance programs when they are looking to eliminate their trade compliance headaches. Vigilant focuses on the day-to-day tactical aspects of trade compliance and allows your internal team to become more strategic with their time. The benefit of outsourcing your support requirements is moving from a reactive to proactive state, and ultimately turning trade compliance into a competitive advantage for your business.

If you are interested in learning more about outsourcing your Trade Compliance Recruiting initiatives, please reach out to Rick Miller with Trade Compliance Recruiting Solutions @ [email protected]


If you are interested in learning more about outsourcing your Trade Compliance Support Requirements, please reach out to Joe Burks or Nate Rubenstein with Vigilant Global Trade Services @ [email protected] & [email protected]



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