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Enabling End-To-End Compliance In Flexible And Agile Supply Chains

We combine our proficiency in compliance with industry-specific expertise and the type of knowledge that can only be obtained by implementing cutting-edge global trade management software. We support the delivery of tools that are tailored to your unique requirements.

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Global Trade Management (“GTM”) software is an essential part of maintaining compliance, improving company-wide communication, managing risk, mitigating disruptions to your supply chain, and ensuring ongoing compliance.

Unfortunately, knowing what software is needed and selecting the right GTM software is not always easy. The process can be time-consuming, frustrating, and expensive. Once you have chosen GTM software, the real struggle begins as many companies struggle to implement GTM software on time or within budget and never realize any benefit from automation.

At Vigilant, we understand the factors that contribute to GTM automation failures. We developed our GTM Software Enablement service to help Companies realize the value from their investment and efforts to automate trade compliance management. Whether you are assessing, selecting, implementing GTM software, or looking to optimize your current GTM software, Vigilant can help.

We combine compliance and industry-specific expertise with the knowledge that comes from implementing best-in-class GTM software solutions to help companies realize a return on their GTM automation investment. Upon successfully transitioning to your automated GTM solution into a live production environment, Vigilant can continue to provide ongoing managed services to mitigate disruptions to your operations.


Global Trade Management Software Enablement

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Managed Services Programs

Managed Services Programs have become a vital component of strategic compliance programs as companies are forced to reduce staffing budgets, pay more for compliance expertise, and limit technology spending while keeping up with the pace of their business objectives and compliance requirements.  Vigilant offers client-specific programs, so that you can design a program with as few as one support service or as many as needed to keep you compliant.

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Compliance Baseline

We offer a compliance baseline report designed to help you identify potential gaps, risks, or areas for improvement within your global trade compliance program. It doesn't matter if you are new to global trade compliance or a seasoned professional, the assessment is easy to answer and requires only five minutes to complete. Once you have completed the survey, you will receive a summary report and scorecard.

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