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Global Trade Management (GTM) refers to the management of global trade operations (Import & Export activities) related to customs and regulatory compliance, trade financing, and global logistics. 

We take care of the details so you can focus on your business.

Many companies refer to GTM as their compliance program. This can include but is not limited to worldwide product classifications, restricted party screening, license determination, Free Trade Agreement (FTA) management, foreign trade zones management, duty drawback, export controls, and import & export documentation and data management.

To manage their import and export trade operations to mitigate risk, drive operational efficiencies, and improve collaboration and communication with trade partners, vendors, customers, and internally, most companies have implemented GTM software. Unlike many other software solutions that typically reduce workloads, most implemented GTM software solutions drive more significant data volumes as companies identify and address risks, gaps, and operational challenges to ensure ongoing compliance. As a result, too many companies lack the in-house expertise and bandwidth to keep up with the demands of managing trade compliance.

The challenges of supporting GTM are many:


Customs, tariffs, trade policies, and regulations are ever-changing, which requires expertise and bandwidth.


Every company has a different global footprint, business, industry, and compliance requirements and trading partners that must be supported as part of their GTM or compliance program.


Every company has a different technology footprint and configuration/integration of GTM technology to support their program.


Support of GTM or compliance programs involves the complexities of languages, currencies, time zones, and currencies. 

One-Time Projects & Ongoing Support Programs

No two companies are the same; that is why Vigilant offers the flexibility to support a one-time project or to provide ongoing support in the form of a managed services programWe are GDPR Compliant and provide continuous support models to deliver ongoing managed services programs. We can support urgent and time-sensitive projects by leveraging our global teams.


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Managed Services Programs

Managed Services Programs have become a vital component of strategic compliance programs as companies are forced to reduce staffing budgets, pay more for compliance expertise, and limit technology spending while keeping up with the pace of their business objectives and compliance requirements.  Vigilant offers client-specific programs, so that you can design a program with as few as one support service or as many as needed to keep you compliant.

We understand the challenges of identifying and prioritizing GTM issues, so if you need help identifying potential gaps, risks, or areas for improvement within your global trade compliance program, please take five minutes to complete a compliance baseline to get a free report below.

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Compliance Baseline

We offer a compliance baseline report designed to help you identify potential gaps, risks, or areas for improvement within your global trade compliance program. It doesn't matter if you are new to global trade compliance or a seasoned professional, the assessment is easy to answer and requires only five minutes to complete. Once you have completed the survey, you will receive a summary report and scorecard.

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