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Most companies struggle to provide timely compliance support when it is needed most, compromising revenue. Compliance-related support requests often require contributions from both internal and external parties, making it challenging to track, communicate, escalate, and complete requests for support.

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Methodology & Process

Our service was designed to simplify our clients’ ability to submit, track and prioritize support requests such as product classifications until completion. Utilizing our help desk technology combined with Vigilant’s team of experienced trade compliance professionals creates an easy-to-follow, seamless, and pain-free support experience.

Transparency & Visibility

We convert all incoming requests for support into tickets and provide all associated parties visibility until resolving the requestor’s satisfaction. We provide transparency and visibility by capturing all communications with internal and external parties. We remove obstacles and finger-pointing to resolve tickets in the shortest possible timeframe. 

Knowledge Database & Continuous Improvement

We capture all support-related data in our knowledge database, enabling Vigilant to proactively identify areas where education, training, or automation would improve your operations.

Quantifying Value & Accountability

Vigilant shares ownership of tickets with associated parties without losing visibility into the progress being made on the issue. We measure and track our performance, so you can hold us accountable to meet our mutually agreed upon service level.


International Trade & Help Desk Support

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Managed Services Programs

Managed Services Programs have become a vital component of strategic compliance programs as companies are forced to reduce staffing budgets, pay more for compliance expertise, and limit technology spending while keeping up with the pace of their business objectives and compliance requirements.  Vigilant offers client-specific programs, so that you can design a program with as few as one support service or as many as needed to keep you compliant.

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Compliance Baseline

We offer a compliance baseline report designed to help you identify potential gaps, risks, or areas for improvement within your global trade compliance program. It doesn't matter if you are new to global trade compliance or a seasoned professional, the assessment is easy to answer and requires only five minutes to complete. Once you have completed the survey, you will receive a summary report and scorecard.

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