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Monthly Sanctions Compliance Roundup

Monthly Sanctions Compliance RoundupIn 2018, President Donald Trump’s administration saw to it that the United States pulled out of the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (or the “Iran Deal” as it has infamously come to be known) one of the key pieces of foreign policy brought forth by his...

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5 Aspects of Global Trade Compliance in Supply Chain Management

5 Aspects of Global Trade Compliance in Supply Chain ManagementIn a world that seems to get smaller every day, global supply chain compliance is becoming evermore essential. Without it, no international company can truly achieve operational excellence. Besides being inefficient, companies that...

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Dealing with Routed Export Transactions

Dealing with Routed Export TransactionsWhat You Should Know About Dealing With Routed Export Transactions Many industries enable organizations to enjoy cross-border, international relationships, but not everybody understands the work that goes into creating successful import and export...

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Monthly Compliance Roundup

Monthly Compliance RoundupFollowing our most recent coverage of the latest developments in the cannabis banking legislation saga, a groundbreaking twist played out on Capitol Hill earlier this week that may see the United States financial system finally open its doors to marijuana-related...

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10 Trade Compliance Accounts You Should Be Following on Twitter

10 Trade Compliance Accounts You Should Be Following on TwitterAs trade compliance professionals, we are constantly being pulled in a million different directions. We often find ourselves in a reactive state, working to fix problems to keep our businesses running along smoothly. While this is one...

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ITAR Compliance Checklist

ITAR Compliance Checklist It goes without saying that the United States doesn’t want defense-related weaponry to fall into the wrong hands, which is why the government’s oversight of military equipment is far stricter than it is for other types of exports. The set of rules that governs exports...

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Sanctions Screening 101

Sanctions Screening 101You’ve probably heard the terms AML (anti-money laundering) Sanctions, Denied Party Screening, or Sanctions Screening. There are many others out there, but they all have a similar meaning and objective: detect and prevent financial crime and identify suspicious activity....

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The Use Of Artificial Intelligence In The Supply Chain

The Use Of Artificial Intelligence In The Supply ChainTalking about artificial intelligence (AI) in supply chain management might seem, at first glance, to be a “futurist” topic — a prediction of what is to come. In actuality, AI in supply chain forecasting, planning and management is extensively...

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The Tight Trade Compliance Labor Market

The Tight Trade Compliance Labor MarketOverall, the current job market for trade compliance professionals looking to make a career move is ripe for the picking. This is due to a number of reasons; increased government oversight, trade war disputes, and the resulting awareness by companies of the...

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Managing Import & Export Operations 101

Managing Import & Export Operations 101For global businesses, importing and exporting goods efficiently is paramount to growth and success. Engaging in international trade can help companies stay competitive and extend profit margins by reducing costs; gaining access to better quality parts,...

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