The United States government has strong oversight of the country’s defense-related deals, ensuring the military equipment exported doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. The government has tightened its policies regarding the export of defense-related weaponry in the recent past by introducing a stricter set of rules we know as International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). This regulation aims to create a dedicated corridor for defense deals and exports that ensures technology and technical information channeling.

Which organizations or institutions need to be compliant with ITAR?

As per the regulation, all the companies and institutions that have a role in manufacturing, distribution, or application of the defense articles fall under ITAR. From the government to a third-party civilian organization, everyone involved in the supply chain of arms and weapons is mandated by the regulation. ITAR compliance is imperative, and a breach can result in significant penalties, including loss of contracts and license.

How to ensure ITAR compliance?

There are several ways to ensure you and your organization meet the ITAR regulations. First, install a data classification system that enables you to quantify all incoming and outgoing information. This helps keep track of people involved in a transaction. The data classification system should be regulated to check information for public use, internal use, and confidentiality. You can even set eligibility for people that are there to receive the information. This makes sure information falls into the right hands.

Then you can learn and get well-acquainted with potential ITAR violations and repercussions. To make your organization ITAR compliant, ensure strict regulations and high standards for every internal operation. It would be best if you also reinstated the repercussions using existing case studies – demonstrate how accidents through unsecured and unauthorized channels occur and impact organizations and everyone involved.

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Wondering whether or not your organization is ITAR compliant? The process to figure that out is not ideal and might require you to develop a standalone team of compliance experts. But, at Vigilant Global Trade Services, we recommend taking the intelligent route. Our extensive experience in building programs to managing ITAR compliance will help you keep your organization, employees, and clients compliant for years to come. Connect with us today!

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