USMCA: Update Alert – Canada Ratifies

Much to everyone’s surprise, the Canadian House of Commons ratified USMCA last Friday (3/13/20).  While this is a key step forward,  all three countries must now work to prepare uniform regulations before implementation.  Previous reports detailed that President Trump had hopes of implementing USMCA on June 1, 2020, however according to US regulations, it must be posted in the Federal Register for 90 days before USMCA can become active.

To verify whether your product(s) status has changed, we recommend downloading the currently published rule sets. Once validated,  you will need to solicit updated certificates from your vendors.

If you need help certifying your products under USMCA and/or soliciting updated certificates from your vendors, Vigilant can help. For further information on how we can help, contact one of our USMCA experts today

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