• Do you have a comprehensive trade compliance screening program?
  • Do you know the scope of your compliance screening program?
  • Are your potential matches or false positive hit rates too high?
  • Do you have enough bandwidth to keep up with SPL/RPL blocked business partners or un-forecasted data peaks and volumes?

Many companies struggle to understand screening program requirements or to define the scope of their program. It is often a challenge to identify which lists should be screened against and the optimal level of potential matches or keeping up with the demands of clearing and resolving potential matches. That is why we developed…

Screening, Clearing & Resolution Solution

We combine experienced analysts, our proven tiered review methodology and technology to cost effectively review, clear and resolve potential matches stemming from screening against your transactions, business partners, clients, visitors, prospects or employees. We incorporate proven techniques to review and clear potential matches of denied or restricted parties, sanctioned and embargoed countries, as well as, license management determination.


The Vigilant Difference

Client Specific Design

Prior to commencing any screening work, Vigilant confirms your risk tolerance, approved processes and specific screening requirements. We are technology agnostic, so we can leverage your screening tool or one from our partners.  We will meet your required hours of coverage (up to 24×7) and required service level (clearing potential matches within 1 hour).

Scalable & Global Support

Vigilant’s flexible staffing model includes remote teams in the US, as well as, teams working from our secure offices in Europe and Asia.  As your volumes unexpectedly increase, we can readily scale to meet your deadlines. We offer a “follow the sun” staffing model to provide 24×7 coverage or support any defined work day. We leverage our office in Budapest to provide support for Europe while adhering to European Data & Privacy regulations. Our office in the Philippines allows Vigilant to provide support for all of Asia and resources for any sized project.

Enhanced Compliance & Operational Efficiency

Vigilant will work with you to protect your cash flow and achieve the optimal level of potential matches by helping you balance your risk tolerance versus the impact of screening on operations. We provide you an added measure of security as an independent third party focused on delivering compliance while mitigating disruptions to your operations.

Intelligent Tiered Review Methodology

Vigilant intelligently prioritizes and reviews potential matches (“blocks or hits”) that can have the greatest impact on your business, such as sales orders or shipments. We address those potential matches first and move down the priority list to reduce the impact of compliance on your revenue. Our tiered review methodology was designed to effectively communicate escalations with supporting research so that you spend less time making final judgements and reviewing false positives.

Whether you are looking to permanently outsource screening, clearing and the resolution of potential matches or need support for a specific project, let Vigilant help.

All of our solutions are available on a project basis or as a managed service.