• Do you lack bandwidth or expertise to integrate, oversee or transition a newly acquired company into your compliance program?
  • Are you involved in the pre-acquisition due diligence process and concerned with successor liability?
  • Are you struggling to address compliance risks identified during due diligence?

Many companies lack the budget, bandwidth or expertise to conduct compliance specific due diligence. Even more concerning and risky to a company’s bottom line is failing to address compliance risks identified during due diligence, which can result in large penalties and fines. It is a challenge for any sized company to keep up with daily compliance activities while trying to create, integrate or transition a newly acquired company’s compliance program. That is why Vigilant developed…

Pre-Post M&A Support: Compliance Bridge

We help mitigate your risk of successor liability during the due diligence process, address identified risks from due diligence and support your newly acquired company’s compliance activities. We provide expertise and bandwidth to support new acquisitions until you decide your path forward.


The Vigilant Difference

Risk Mitigation

We augment your team by providing industry specific compliance experts that identify issues to mitigate your risk from successor liability, as well as, other areas of concern.

Qualifying Revenue & Potential Savings

We screen business partners, clients and employees to identify risk and qualify revenue. Moreover, we audit product classifications, Bills of Materials and other data to identify potential cost savings from programs such as Free Trade Agreements.

Help Desk & Compliance Support

We provide compliance expertise and bandwidth to support your new acquisitions until you decide your path forward. We offer the ability to submit, track, prioritize, process and escalate requests for support until resolution. We provide temporary assistance to transition your latest acquisition or can collaborate with you to design an ongoing Managed Services Program.

Automation & Transparency

We offer access to trade automation such as screening and classification technology to support your new acquisitions. We provide a platform for work to be audited and monitored for a completely transparent experience.

Data Cleansing

Post-acquisition, we combine technology and compliance expertise to review, clean or update your compliance related data. We validate worldwide product classifications and reformat compliance data for an easier transition to your existing global trade management solution.

Program Optimization

We identify gaps, risks, challenges and areas for operational improvements. We develop or enhance processes and procedures to maintain your compliance post acquisition.

Whether you need help identifying risk, qualifying revenue, addressing risks identified during due diligence or supporting your latest acquisition, let Vigilant help.

All of our solutions are available on a project basis or as a managed service.