• Do you lack the time or resources to ensure the performance and quality of service of your broker, freight forwarder or logistic provider?
  • Are you tired of correcting or performing your vendor’s responsibilities?
  • Are you willing to risk your Company’s compliance that they are providing correct product classifications, import or export documentation?
  • When is the last time you audited your vendor’s fees or timeliness of deliveries?

Too many companies rely on their broker, freight forwarder or logistics provider to provide accurate and quality trade compliance support when it is not their core competency. Even worse, these same companies believe they are “compliant”, so they do not manage, audit or review their vendor’s performance. Relying on your broker, freight forwarder or logistics provider for your company’s compliance can be similar to having “a fox watch over your hen house”. That is why Vigilant developed…

Broker, Freight Forwarder & Logistics Management Solution

We combine logistics and compliance expertise with technology to manage, support, review and audit the performance of your brokers, freight forwarders and logistics providers. We identify cost savings, improve supply chain visibility and mitigate disruptions to your operations while keeping you compliant. We manage and perform compliance related activities, so your vendors can focus on transportation management and logistics.


The Vigilant Difference

Bottom Line Savings

We provide independent oversight and management of services delivered by your vendors. We audit their performance to verify costs, quality and adherence to your service level agreement.
We review and approve broker bills and entries, manage post entry inquiries and support requests from your brokers, freight forwards and logistic providers. We review, validate and update worldwide product classifications to mitigate your risk and identify potential cost savings.

Enhanced Compliance

Vigilant will work with you to identify and address compliance related risks from relying on your vendor for compliance. We take control of any compliance related activity previously neglected or poorly performed by your previous vendor to ensure your ongoing compliance.

Improved Operational Efficiency

We mitigate disruptions to your supply chain by improving the communication and visibility between operations, logistics and compliance. We support challenging compliance related activities such as miscellaneous shipments with defined processes, controls and technology while including all internal and external stakeholders.

Transparency, Quality & Audit Trail

Vigilant leverages technology to perform and manage all compliance related activities, including broker, freight forwarder and logistics management. By leveraging technology to deliver all of our solutions, we provide an audit trail, central repository for record keeping and transparency.

Whether you are looking to ensure the performance of your vendors, mitigate compliance risk or improve your bottom line, let Vigilant help.

All of our solutions are available on a project basis or as a managed service.