We understand the challenges of keeping up with ever changing global trade regulations and the pressure to process increasing real time data. We support our clients’ global trade compliance programs so that they have more time to focus on strategic initiatives. Vigilant is an extension of our clients’ compliance team rather than a managed service provider.

Vigilant is so much more than a “managed services” firm. We provide knowledge process outsourcing services by supplementing our client’s global trade compliance team with experienced, passionate and dedicated global trade professionals. We match the risk tolerance of our clients; adhere to their policies and procedures while becoming a seamless extension of their team.

Whether you need help with a specific project, day-to-day global trade compliance monitoring and support, restricted and denied party screening, HTS or ECCN classifications, temporary staffing or pre and post M&A activities, Vigilant can help.

Denied/Restricted Party Screening Services:

Vigilant’s screening service helps our clients quickly, and efficiently screen partners, prospects, clients, visitors or employees. We can leverage your current screening tool or provide access to the most comprehensive database of restricted and denied parties in the industry. We work with our clients to create a screening solution tailored to meet their specific risk and security tolerances.

We can incorporate our proven Tiered Screening Methodology and research techniques for managing SPL/RPL screening (24×7 or as required), embargo screening and license management determination amongst other screening offerings to provide you with support as required.

  • Do you have sufficient bandwidth to handle volume spikes?
  • Do you have a solution to support e-commerce without diminishing your customer’s online experience?
  • Do you need assistance analyzing and managing data stemming from screening?
  • Do you know which lists to screen against to ensure compliance?
  • Do you wish you had an easier or faster way to screen for restricted or denied parties?
  • Do you want to turn overhead into a predictable monthly expense?

Vigilant can leverage your current screening tool or provide access to the most comprehensive database of restricted and denied parties in the industry. We will work with you to create a screening solution tailored to meet your specific risk and security tolerances. Let Vigilant screen for your Company so that you can focus on higher-level strategic initiatives.


Import or Export Classification Services

Vigilant’s delivery model for HTS and ECCN classifications, allows us to rapidly scale and to provide the best service for your immediate and future classification requirements. We will tailor a classification managed services solution to meet your specific requirements by combining people, tools and data into a powerful, solution.

Vigilant employs a remote team of classification specialists many of whom have their U.S. Customs Broker licenses, multiple years of classification and wide ranging industry experience. As your volumes fluctuate, we are able to adjust the number of classification specialists performing the work to ensure that we are able to meet your deadlines.

Vigilant will leverage your tools and processes or we can provide an automated solution through a partner to communicate all classification work performed based upon your preferences. Vigilant will systematically maintain and validate your HTS and ECCN classifications while maintaining an audit trail containing the classifier notes and timestamps of any change made to the part in the system. We will operate as a seamless extension of your team.

Whether you are looking to permanently outsource classifications or need support for a specific project, Vigilant can help.


Global Trade Support Services:


We understand the challenges our clients have balancing overhead costs while maintaining sufficient in-house global trade expertise to manage day-to-day global trade compliance data and activities. We also know that key global trade professionals in your organization take time to find or replace. Whether you need assistance for a specific project such as applying for a license, classifications support or area specific expertise like encryption technology, Vigilant can help while you find a qualified replacement.

Vigilant’s experienced global trade professionals can support all of your export and import trade compliance needs by supplementing your compliance team on a temporary or permanent basis.

PRE & POST M&A Support – Global Trade Compliance Bridge In A Box


Global Trade Compliance Bridge in a box was designed specifically to support pre and post M&A activities when global trade compliance expertise and bandwidth are needed most.  We provide a global trade compliance bridge to ensure your new acquisition’s compliance with U.S. Trade Regulations while you decide how to best integrate the acquisition into your organization. Whether you need to develop a new global trade compliance program for your latest acquisition, a technology transition plan or additional support, Vigilant can help.

Day-to-Day Global Trade Compliance Monitoring & Support

Vigilant supports our clients’ daily global trade compliance needs by supplementing their team with global trade professionals that think and act like you do. Our daily system monitoring and support services, include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Reduce overhead, staffing, training and continuing education costs
  • Improve operating efficiency, cash flow and on-time deliveries
  • Budget and plan with a fixed predictable cost
  • Eliminate concerns over volume spikes or bandwidth to complete a project
  • More time to focus on strategic initiatives
  • Unlimited scalability to accommodate growth