Who we are

At Vigilant, people come first. We understand the value of reputation and combine passion for global trade with a can-do attitude. We’re building a team of seasoned global trade and technology experts that come from industry, are easy to work with and committed to doing the right thing for our clients and partners.

At its heart, Vigilant is a global trade compliance program design, optimization, enablement and knowledge process outsourcing firm dedicated to the principle that global trade compliance is strategic. We do not sell or implement software. We are solution agnostic, so that we can focus on what is best for our clients.

We help our clients assess areas of vulnerability, remove avoidable costs, minimize risk and ensure global trade compliance with ever changing global trade rules and regulations. Our clients choose Vigilant because we leverage global trade industry and technology expertise. Our clients stay because we are easy to work with and understand the value of reputation.

“Our experience has proven that a robust and tightly controlled global trade compliance program which optimizes global trade business processes and technology will increase the speed of your supply chain, reduce your risk of importing and exporting while transforming global trade compliance from a reactive state to a strategic imperative. Let us help you maximize the return on your global trade compliance program investment and continue to be a leader in your industry.”

Dave Moore, President

How we help

Whether your Company is new to global trade compliance or has strategically embraced global trade compliance, we understand the difficulties our clients have solving their global trade compliance challenges. So let us explain how Vigilant can help.


  • Do you wish you could focus more on strategic global trade issues and less on day-to-day tactical issues?

  • Do you have enough bandwidth to keep up with SPL/RPL blocked business partners or un-forecasted data peaks and volumes?

  • Do you need help with projects such as license applications or internal audits?

  • Do you need assistance keeping up with ECCN or HTS classifications?

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  • Are you concerned that your global trade compliance program has too many gaps or doesn’t reflect your Company’s risk tolerance?

  • Does your automated global trade solution configuration reflect your current global trade business processes?

  • Are you performing too many manual activities outside of your automated global trade solution?

  • Are your levels of “false positives” too high and slowing down shipments?

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  • Do you need help transitioning from manual to automated global trade compliance?

  • Do you need help selecting the right automated global trade solution for your Company’s specific global trade compliance requirements and objectives?

  • Do you need help developing a technology migration and integration plan?

  • Are you prepared for global trade automation and to ensure end user adoption?

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Dave Moore, President

dav Dave Moore is the President and Founder of Vigilant Global Trade Services, LLC a global trade optimization, automation enablement and knowledge process outsourcing firm, which leverages global trade and technology expertise. As one of the first independent consultants to implement a fully integrated global trade technology solution in the United States, Dave has been at the forefront of leveraging global trade technology to create greater operational efficiencies and strategic advantages for Vigilant’s clients. Dave recognized the challenges of supporting global trade compliance programs from a bandwidth and global trade expertise perspective, so he formed Vigilant to offer a true partnership and solution to his clients. For more than 8 years, Vigilant has helped their clients continuously optimize their compliance program while becoming an extension of their global trade team.   Formerly a Partner at EntryPoint Consulting where he built one of the most successful SAP GTS programs in the country, as well as, the first Knowledge Process Outsourcing program serving SAP GTS clients. Dave has a Bachelors degree from Indiana University Kelly School of Business. Dave is an active member of Entrepreneur’s Organization, the only global network exclusively for entrepreneurs.

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Derek Abramovitch, Partner, VP Business Development

Derek As Partner and Vice President of Business Development, Derek is responsible for all facets of Vigilant’s growth. Derek brings a diverse background, which includes leading and growing professional services organizations in the technology sector, building global strategic partnerships and technology practices. Derek’s experience overseeing operations for several technology companies, analyzing industries, raising capital and advising technology start-ups brings a wide range of skills to guide Vigilant’s growth. Prior to Vigilant, Derek was VP of Business Development and part of the executive team for EntryPoint Consulting. Derek has held VP of Operation roles at several firms, including Business Technology Partners, Phylogy and Eagle Test Systems. Derek spent the first few years of his career at Ernst & Young in their Corporate Finance department developing an internal industry analyst department, advising technology start-ups while providing operational, strategic and managerial expertise. Derek holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Concordia University, M.B.A and Graduate Degrees in East Asian Studies from McGill University and a Juris Doctor from DePaul University of Law where he was a member of the Law Review.

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Delayne Reamsbottom, VP of Global Trade Services

daleyne As Vice President of Global Trade Services, Delayne is responsible for all facets of Vigilant’s operations, including, account management, client delivery and satisfaction, quality control and continuous improvement. Delayne has over 20 years of experience in all areas of global trade which includes, designing, optimizing, managing and supporting global trade compliance programs, import and export trade regulations, logistics, supply chain, as well as, automated global trade system evaluation and implementation.  Delayne’s diverse global trade background and track record of exceeding client expectations brings a full range of expertise to ensure our clients success in global trade compliance and day-to-day operations.   Prior to Vigilant, Delayne worked as a global trade consultant and automation specialist at CSC where he helped their clients implement and optimize their automated global trade processes and systems. Throughout his career and within various roles at companies such as Oceus Networks, AT&T and Xerox, Delayne gained extensive global trade expertise designing, implementing, optimizing and managing global trade compliance programs. Delayne is passionate about helping Vigilant’s clients transition their compliance program from a necessary evil to a strategic initiative by leveraging a company wide and global centric approach to trade compliance. Delayne holds a B.S. Degree in International Management from Utah Valley University and an M.B.A. from Westminister College.

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Partnerships & Alliances

Whether you are looking for global trade content, an automated global trade solution or supply chain expertise, let Vigilant put its network to work for you.