Passionate and Vigilant about compliance? Apply today and take control of your career.

Why Join Vigilant?

At Vigilant, our people come first. We are all about teamwork, whereby everyone is accountable to each other and all opinions are valued. We understand that happiness is the most important indicator of success for our people, clients and partners, so we are focused on continuously improving our work environment.

We are committed to providing a work environment that enables our people to fulfill their potential and to take control of their careers. If you are passionate and vigilant about compliance, want to work with companies that view compliance as a strategic imperative rather than a necessary evil, then Vigilant is a great fit for you.

The Ultimate Plan “B”

Whether you are looking for a better career opportunity, find yourself out of work, tired of long commutes or want to make additional money moonlighting on nights/weekends, Vigilant is the answer. We take geography out of the equation since our employees work from the comfort of their own homes! Feel secure applying for any position, knowing that your application will remain confidential and you can reject or accept any offered position or project without issue or prejudice.

Applying Is Simple: Here’s How it Works


Stage 1: Qualification

Our easy to follow process requires the submission of a resume, answers to a few questions and an assessment of your skills. Once qualified as a candidate, we will schedule a brief call at a time that works for you to confirm your career goals. At the conclusion of a positive interview, you will be invited to join the Vigilant Task Force as a “member” and have the freedom to accept or reject any offered position or project without issue or prejudice.

Stage 2: You Choose Your Career Path

When we have an opening to fill or part-time project to staff, we match the opportunity with a member of the Vigilant Task Force based on skill, industry experience and subject matter expertise. Once you are identified as a great match, we will contact you to see if you are interested in interviewing for a full or part-time position or project. You have nothing to lose since you can reject or accept any offered position or project without issue.

Apply today and take control of your career, knowing that Vigilant will seek the right career opportunity for you.